Why Gambling Is Banned In Some Countries

If you take a look at history, it quickly becomes clear how long gambling has been practiced. The ancient Romans are said to have indulged in it.

In the taverns, the soldiers passed the time with a kind of dice game. Of course, bets were also placed on the outcome of gladiator fights and other sporting competitions. Some historians even see this as the forerunner of today’s sports betting.

In the Middle Ages, gambling really flourished, and it was during this period that the buildings of the game were first mentioned. However, the gambling offered here was only available to the upper class, the proletariat had to gamble in the inns. Today, you can find sic bo bet (แทงไฮโล) or live casinos where players can participate anytime.

Political reasons for banning gambling in some countries

There are political reasons for the ban on gambling. You can find this especially during the Cold War and even today in socialist or communist-ruled countries. In the Soviet Union and the associated satellite states, gambling was downright branded as Western devilry. Of course, this had no place in a perfect socialist world. Even if numerous countries opened up to democracy. Thus, ultimately to gambling after the collapse of the Soviet Union, one can still observe politically justified gambling bans today.

This applies to no other country to such an extent as to the People’s Republic of China. For example, the political leadership instructed its administrative officials to actively promote the national spirit and basic socialist values. For the Communist Party, this also includes the manufacture, import, sale and operation of electronic entertainment devices.


Protecting players from gambling addiction

The World Health Organization classifies what is colloquially known as compulsive gambling as a medical condition. In Germany, as in most western countries, protection against gambling addiction is taken very seriously. While in Germany and in Switzerland with 0.5% of the players only a very small part is affected by this disease. Countries like Finland with 1.3% or Great Britain with 2.7% of all players have to deal with the effects of gambling addiction much harder battle.

Governments around the world take different approaches to combating addiction. While in Great Britain or the USA one relies on the sense of responsibility of the players, Germany follows a different, much stricter path. In the new State Treaty on Gambling, the legislature has set a deposit limit of EUR 1,000 per player per month to prevent the development of gambling addiction and this is checked in a nationwide database. Almost all Western countries worldwide provide affected players with a free advice center for the care and treatment of gambling addiction.

Games with Legality is in Question

Several different gaming types are frequently mentioned in US laws, case law, and academic literature. Each type of gaming has a unique meaning as well as specific legal ramifications, governing laws, and sanctions for non-compliance.

The classic forms of gambling, including table games, lotteries, and sports betting, are at one end of the range. With very few exceptions, despite the many variations of gambling games, they all share consideration, prize, and chance.

List of Games that the Legality is in Question

Below are some games in which their legality is not yet fully approved. With that, playing them is not totally legally.


Online or mobile social casino games are frequently provided on social networks or other comparable sites. They imitate casino games like slots, bingo, and poker. And also mimics the sounds and sights of a casino. The only difference is that players never have to pay to play, and (in most variations) they can never win anything of real-world value.


Games that demand payment to play and offer expensive prizes are known as skill games. The results are determined by the players’ skill rather than by random, uncontrollable circumstances. States differ on how much talent is necessary to avoid being classified as gambling, and some states would classify at least some types of skill games as gambling even if there is no chance involved.


Different formats are used in fantasy sports competitions. In traditional fantasy sports, a select few participants assemble a roster of real-world athletes from several real-world teams to form a fantasy team.

The Benefits of Following Laws in Online Gambling Sites

The internet has opened new possibilities for online gambling. In the past, players had no other option but to trust the casino’s honesty. They could not independently verify their balance or recent transactions they have made with the site. But, with the rise of blockchain technology and introduction of new technologies, online casinos are able to offer greater security and transparency while protecting against outside manipulation.

What are the Benefits of Following Laws in Online Gambling Sites?

Indeed, there are so many options available. This occasionally makes the selection of online gambling site to be challenging. It is imperative for players and interested individuals to do research. This is the only way they can  understand which sites have proven track records of keeping player funds separate from company assets and not being involved in fraudulent activities. Even better, players should choose a site that follows regulatory laws.

It makes you feel secure knowing that wherever you play, you are following the rules set forth by various governing bodies to protect you as a player. In the next lines, you are going to learn some of the benefits of playing at websites that follow laws:

Passer Protection and Fair Gaming Practices

Any gambling site that is licensed by a regulatory body must follow a set of rules, with one being protection for player funds.

The site will be required to keep all your funds in a separate account that is not connected to the company’s assets. This prevents the company from having access to sensitive information including but not limited to funds, bank details, contact information etc. which can sometimes happen in unlicensed casinos.

And, even if it does happen, you will know that it cannot access your funds. We have seen other companies do this in the past, and it is very stressful. It is important to choose a site that is regulated, so you know that your funds are safe and secure.

Knowing Your Funds are Safe

One of the main benefits of playing at a gambling site that follows regulatory and licensing laws is that you know your funds are safe and secure. Regardless of the outcome of your game, you can be confident that your funds will not be accessed by others.

Best regulated gambling sites also offer regulated online sports betting. This means that you can be sure your funds are safe as well as that winnings are paid out reliably.

Gambling in US and Germany: Laws and Reality

The USA has a long history of casinos. Today, it has grown into a multi-billion dollar business. Hollywood and social media have made a significant contribution to this boom.

Feature films, series and photos on Instagram show you a world that people in other countries can only dream of. For many, California is therefore the ultimate travel destination to get to know the American casino culture with its extravagant and culinary adventures.

Casinos and Florida – a complicated past

Casinos in the USA are subject to federal law and, like in Germany, require a gaming license in order to operate a casino. The act of betting is the decisive point of the US legal basis for obtaining a license. In the US, they strictly control casino operators more than the visitors of the casinos. The two main US gambling laws are the Federal Wire Act, which relates to betting in general and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which governs sports betting. Thus, if you want to apply for baccarat (สมัครบาคาร่า), you have to check governing laws.

Florida is no exception, as the Sunshine State has created its own legal basis for its gambling laws. Gamblers can be fined or imprisoned for up to 60 days if caught gambling. However, to date, no Florida resident has been arrested on the basis of gambling, while there have been several penalties for gambling.

Casinos in Germany – spoiled for choice

Germany has been campaigning for the legalization and administration of the gambling industry for several years. The government is following the example of other countries. They try to draft laws dedicated to protecting individuals and preventing addiction. The state regulates elements such as wagering or deposits to ensure the best casino experience.

Like the US, Germany defines gambling as a game of chance rather than skill. So only certain games are subject to state regulation. In Germany, compared to Florida, more games are included in the legal base like craps, games with dominoes, lotteries and the wheel of fortune are subject to the same laws as card games, roulette and games on machines. The state distinguishes between licensed and unlicensed casinos.


Germany and Florida: A comparison

While Germany and Florida are similar at the basic level of their laws, there are significant differences in execution. Since 2016, Miami’s boat rides, which provided a grey area for casino gaming, have been illegal again, underscoring the tightening of Florida’s laws. In Germany, instead, a positive attitude towards gambling is developing, guided by the EU, which favours the gaming aspect. Florida remains a special case due to the history of its indigenous peoples since the livelihood of many citizens is based on the existence of the Indian casinos.

Understanding Gambling Laws in Germany

There are various laws regulating gambling in different parts of the world. In Indonesia, for example, their laws are strongly influenced by their faith, that’s why gambling is strictly prohibited in the country. However, there are other laws that allow online gambling such as Dewa togel. In this article, let’s take a look at the gambling laws in Germany.

Gambling is regulated by different laws in Germany, most notably the State Treaty on Gambling, the Gaming Ordinance, the Criminal Code, the Youth Protection Act, and the State Gambling Acts.

State Treaty on Gambling

The goals of the State Treaty on Gambling (GlüStV) are, among other things, to “prevent the emergence of gambling addiction and betting addiction and to create the conditions for effective combating of addiction”. Gambling guaranteed. Gamblers should be “protected from fraudulent activities” and “the secondary and accompanying crime associated with gambling” should be warded off. The State Treaty on Gambling also regulates self- and third-party bans.

On July 1, 2021, the new State Treaty on Gaming (GlüStV 2021) will come into force. It was signed by the prime ministers of all federal states and contains numerous innovations compared to the previous version. The nationwide regulations include the introduction of legal gambling offers on the Internet before.

A “joint gaming authority of the states” is set up in Saxony-Anhalt “to carry out the tasks of gaming supervision, particularly in the area of ​​the Internet”. A central, nationwide, and cross-gambling blocking file will also be introduced, which will also be managed by the gaming authority.

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Gaming Ordinance

Slot machines in amusement arcades and restaurants are regulated in the Gaming Ordinance. The trade regulations fall within the area of ​​responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

Criminal code

According to Section 284 of the Criminal Code (StGB) , a game is a game of chance if

Participation in the game is for a not inconsiderable stake and
an uncertain event that does not depend significantly on the skill of the players but on chance, decides on the outcome of the game and
is played for monetary gain.

An official permit is required to organize a game of chance. Gambling without such a permit is punishable under Section 284 StGB – this applies to both the organizers and the participants.

Youth Protection Act

The rules are clear: gambling is prohibited for children under the age of 18.

This means that anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to enter arcades and casinos. They are not allowed to play in public lotteries (e.g. scratch cards), sports betting, and poker – not even with parental permission or power of attorney. Young people are also not allowed to use slot machines in snack bars or pubs.

Amusement arcades, gambling

Children and young people must not be permitted to be present in public amusement arcades or similar rooms primarily used for gaming.

Children and young people may only participate in games with the possibility of winning in public at folk festivals, shooting matches, fairs, special markets, or similar events and only under the condition that the prize consists of goods of low value.
Gambling laws in the states

In the federal states, their own state laws regulate the implementation of the State Treaty on Gaming.

Thailand’s Gambling Act 1935 – Is There a Need to Legalize Gambling via Integrated Resorts?

The primary law governing gambling in Thailand is the Gambling Act 1935, which contains, first and foremost a Royal Decree prohibiting all forms of betting; regardless of whether the wager agreed upon is placed on a game of chance or skill, and settled either in terms of money or goods. The only types of gambling activity recognized as legal by the Gambling Act 1935 are betting on outcomes of National Lottery draws via official lottery tickets, and on the results of domestic horse racing competitions that take place in authorized racing venues.

Another law that specifically prohibits gambling by way of card games is the Playing Cards Act. This law states that manufacturing and selling of playing cards without express approval of the government is considered a criminal act. Moreover, the Playing Cards Act decrees that it is illegal to have in one’s possession, more than 120 playing cards not registered with Thailand’s Excise Department.

Betting Activities Specifically Prohibited by Thailand’s Gambling Act 1935

In order to make the country’s gambling prohibitions clear, the Gambling Act 1935 enumerates the prohibited games under Lists A and B.

List A – Under this list, wagering on outcomes of animal competitions such as cockfights and dog fights are illegal, This list also includes casino games like slot machine games, poker and other casino gaming options like roulette, blackjack and baccarat, which is just to mention a few. The punishment for violating the Gambling Act by way of the above-mentioned activities is incarceration for 3 years plus payment of 5,000 baht as monetary penalty.

List B – The types of betting activities involve placing wagers in underground or illegal lotteries, or raffle events, bingo games and on outcomes of sports competitions. Anyone found guilty of engaging in such activities will suffer a maximum imprisonment of one year and payment of 1,000 baht as monetary penalty.

How Effective is Thailand’s Gambling Act 1935

Despite the clear and strict prohibition on different gambling activities stated in List A and B of the Gambling Act 1935, recent researches revealed that about 57% of Thai adults place wagers on various forms of real-money gaming and betting options.


Those opposed to the proposal of legalizing casinos are pointing out that the real nature of the country’s illegal gambling problem is being overlooked.

Thai’s gambling population are mostly interested in lotteries. Although locals buy their ticket from the official National Lottery, many prefer to buy the lottery tickets offered by underground gambling dens because they offer greater rewards, more frequent and have more betting options including that of sports betting.

The most recent study conducted by Thailand’s Centre for Gambling Studies revealed that the size of the illegal underground lotteries is even larger than that of the government’s National Lottery. Moreover, the pandemic drove the growth of online casino gambling among Thai gamblers as many have experienced the convenience of using mobile casino applications in accessing สล็อต (Slots) and a wide selection of casino table games


It’s obvious that Thailand’s Gambling Act 1935 has not been effective in curbing the citizen’s penchant for gambling. Yet many question the motive behind the proposal to legalize gambling by way of integrated resorts. The country already has a highly successful tourism industry, which at the moment is affected by the ongoing pandemic and related travel restrictions, not by the absence of casinos.

Lawmakers should also understand how advancements in online gambling technologies are providing Thai gamblers with better and safer betting opportunities.

Gambling and the Legal Issues Connected with It

Gambling is one of the most valuable enterprises in the world, with a market value of $59 billion in 2022. It has grown and adapted to new technological developments over time, providing users with a variety of online and offline entertainment options.

However, the legal side of gambling, as well as official support or lack thereof, are stumbling blocks to its expansion.

The World of Online Gambling

In the United States, different states have legalized or outlawed online gambling, even though the practice is lawful on a federal level. It’s worth noting that Hawaii and Utah are two states that have outright banned gaming. Aside from that, online gambling is legal in some states, while another may allow certain types of gaming.

To put it another way, most states have restricted online gambling options, and users should be aware of their state’s position on the subject before engaging in any online gambling activity.

The Gambling License

Every gaming establishment, whether it operates online or offline, requires a gambling license provided by a regulatory agency that oversees and governs the gambling establishment’s activities and ensures that they comply with the law.

The Social Gambling

Another form of unlawful gambling occurs at social events because no gambling institution is licensed to perform gambling operations. Most dog fights or illicit poker games are deemed criminal gambling; but, if the activities are performed simply socially with no gain to the bookie or game host, they are regarded as legal gambling.

5 Online Casino Podcasts Worth Subscribing To

Those who want to launch their online casinos have a lot of work to do. Not only do they have to build and develop a magical and engaging platform, but they also have to get all the necessary licenses and paperwork in order.

In addition to this, it is also recommended that future online casino operators familiarize themselves with the industry, including the mechanics of games. What is the best way to do this? Subscribe to some online casino podcasts, of course!

Here, we take a look at five of our favorite online casino podcasts that’s worth checking out. Let’s get started.

Vegas Confessions

This is a fantastic podcast to start on. Hosted by 3 passionate punters, they discuss common topics related to the casino industry including games, casinos and more. You will also be able to listen to entertaining interviews with casino operators and staff.

Vegas Confessions is the perfect podcast for both players and those involved in the casino industry.

The Vice Lounge Online

For something that’s a bit more educational on the gaming side of things, The Vice Lounge Online is a great podcast. While they only publish updates twice a month, the content shared is helpful as they cover a variety of topics related to casino games.

From competitions to game rules, you’ll get it all when you subscribe to The Vice Lounge Online podcast.

Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast

Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast is a lovely show for both casual and expert players. Content discussed on the show includes anything and everything from tips and tricks on games, and some handy information on how to have more fun while playing.

This podcast is perfect to get to know your prospective customers and what they look for in their favorite online casino games.

Gamble On

This fantastic podcast is a must for anyone interested in launching an online casino. The two hosts cover a wide variety of topics and have regular interviews with industry experts and bigwigs. They also discuss casino games and all the latest news in the casino industry.

Gamble On is hosted by John Brennan and Eric Raskin and honestly, is a great podcast to subscribe to especially if you are a casino operator.

All the Vegas

And last but not least we have All the Vegas. This podcast is recorded in Las Vegas and has a rich program filled to the brim with entertaining content. The hosts interview various people in Las Vegas, including entertainers and casino personnel and executives.

All the Vegas is a great podcast for casual listening and staying in the know of everything related to casinos and Las Vegas in general.

There you have it! Listening and subscribing to at least one of these top-rated casino podcasts is an absolute must for anyone in the industry. Here you’ll learn some interesting things about your prospective customers while getting information on casino news in general.

5 Undeniable Benefits of Online Gaming to Society

While there is some controversy regarding gambling and more specifically online gambling, there are those who believe that it has a positive impact on society. Yes, it has its pitfalls, but that is why certain legislation is put in place to protect New Jersey punters and operators.

If you want to open an online casino in New Jersey, it’s important to understand the industry inside and out. You have to know everything there is to know about how online casinos impact punters and society in general.

Here, we highlight some of the benefits of online gaming and casinos to society.

Boosts Decision-Making

Punters will all agree that gaming online can have a massive impact on their decision-making skills. When you are in a poker game you have to be able to think on your feet and make strategic decisions.

Promotes Teamwork

From an internal and external point of view, online casinos can promote teamwork. Internally, those involved in the operation have to work together to achieve the company goals. Externally, punters have to get along to create a harmonious punting environment.

Boosts Social Interaction

Again, online casinos can boost social interaction within the company and among players. The majority of online casinos offer referral and loyalty rewards, which boosts social interaction among players, while employees get to work with customers and teammates.

Good for the Economy

All casinos, land-based and online, are subject to certain taxes. The revenue of these companies has only grown over the past couple of years, which means the more people punt and play, the more money is injected into the economy.

Boosts Emotional Wellbeing

And last but not least, gaming is believed to improve our emotional wellbeing. This leads to happier people and a harmonious society overall. Gaming online is a form of entertainment, which means punters get to relax and have fun, improving their overall mood.

If you felt like you needed confirmation that opening an online casino is a good idea, these benefits should serve you perfectly. As you can see, online casinos are providing positive growth not only for the economy and society but for individuals too.

Beginner’s Guide to New Jersey Online Gambling Laws

A big part of setting up your own online casino is understanding the laws that govern these institutions. If you aren’t familiar with the law and requirements you have to adhere to, you may be at risk of breaking the law, in which case you may be fined or shut down completely.

You’ll also have to consider whether you want your online casino to be available for punters from around the globe, or if you are going to focus on gamers situated in New Jersey. This will give you an indication of the licenses you have to obtain and the laws you have to abide by.

Launching an online casino can be a daunting process. You have to develop a great platform, offer immersive gaming solutions as well as promotions and awards. Then, you have to obtain all the necessary paperwork and comply with the New Jersey online gambling laws.

Games you offer will have to come from reputable software providers, too. This ensures your games are of the best quality and that they are safe and fair. These providers have their licenses which means you won’t have to deal with that aspect.

As long as your site is licensed and complies with the laws as discussed here, you should be fine. Let’s take a closer look at online gambling laws in New Jersey and how it affects you and your new business.

Online Gambling Legalized in 2013

Even though the process to legalize online betting started in 2010, it was only in 2013 when the Assembly Bill A2578 was successfully passed. Caesars Entertainment was the first company to launch an online casino in New Jersey in 2013.

Types of Gambling Allowed in New Jersey

Being home to Atlantic City, it is only natural that several types of gambling are allowed and legal in the Garden State. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Online Casinos

Online gambling and online casinos were legalized in 2013. The only requirement is that the operator owns a land-based casino and that it holds a gambling license.

Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos have been legal in New Jersey since 1976, with the first casino built in 1978 in Atlantic City.


Bingo, as other gambling activities, is legal in the state of New Jersey. Punters can play Bingo at casinos, Bingo Halls, or online.


Another favorite among New Jersey punters is poker. Thanks to the legalization of online gaming, you can play poker online in any tournament partnered with a New Jersey casino site.


Sports betting is another popular type of wagering that is allowed in New Jersey. At this time, it is, however, illegal to bet on sports online.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for your license as well as other fees including renewal fees. All gaming organizations are regulated by The Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). These are important factors to take into account before you plan on launching your online casino.

5 Reasons to Develop a Mobile App for Your NJ Online Casino

In this day and age, everything is about convenience. Whether it’s grocery shopping, getting in touch with a relative, or paying your bills, everything is conveniently accessible via our mobile phones.

It’s only natural that the online casino industry also followed suit and made their platforms available for mobile users. If you are still not convinced that developing a mobile app for your online casino, we’ve got pretty good arguments in favor of it.

Here, we take a look at reasons you need to consider when deciding if you should develop a mobile app for your online casino. Let’s dig in.

Promotes Convenience

As we’ve already mentioned, convenience plays a big role in society today. If you want to attract punters to your online casino, you have to make it clear that your platform is unique and that they’ll be able to play games on it conveniently via an app.

Promotes an Inclusive Gaming Environment

You want to be sure that if there is one gamer out there looking for an online casino to join, that they would consider joining yours, right? Mobile casino apps destroy borders and make it possible for gamers from around the globe to access your platform and games.

Mobile-Specific Promotions

You will also be able to attract even more punters to your online casino’s mobile app when you offer mobile-specific promotions and bonuses. Having a dedicated app means you can target customers easily and without a hassle.

Quality Gaming Experiences

When you partner up with the best software providers in the biz, you can rest assured that you’ll be offering the same quality gaming experiences via your mobile app. The majority of online casino games are optimally developed with mobile use top of mind.

Reach a Bigger Audience

We’ve mentioned the convenience factor a couple of times already. Wouldn’t you want to tap into an audience that would otherwise be unreachable? Developing a mobile app for your online casino will allow you to reach a bigger audience that prefers gaming on the go.

There are so many reasons why any online casino must offer its punters the opportunity to bet and play on the go. If you don’t have this option for your online casino, you might just get left behind!

Make sure you reach all your prospective customers by offering them a fantastic casino app and you won’t regret it! You might also want to include a couple of top-rated music-themed slots on your mobile app too.

Top-Rated Music-Themed Slots to Feature in Your NJ Online Casino

When it comes to online casinos, slots are usually the most popular games. Without a big library of slot titles, your new online casino might as well close its doors.

Thanks to the fact that slots require little to no strategy, and the intriguing themes and graphics available, gamers from around the world adore these games. Not having at least, a decent library of slots could be detrimental to your new business.

The most popular slots loved by players are unquestionably music-themed slots. If you are opening an online casino, you should consider adding a couple of music-themed slots to your library as these games are sought-after by most slot lovers.

Here, we share a list of the top-rated music-themed slots you can include in your arsenal of online slots.

Guns N’ Roses

If you are familiar with NetEnt, you’ll know that anything that comes from their studio is phenomenal. The innovative software developer is behind this popular music-themed slot too. Punters are spoiled with all their favorite Guns N’ Roses tunes while spinning the reels.

Having the Guns N’ Roses slot in your library of slots would be a great advantage – it is by far the most popular music-themed slot available.

Jimi Hendrix

Another great title from the geniuses at NetEnt is none other than the Jimi Hendrix slot. The game is filled with classic Hendrix songs and immersive symbols to keep punters on the edge of their seats. The game is also packed with 5 bonus features.

If you don’t want to include the Guns N’ Roses slot, the Jimi Hendrix slot is a great alternative to add to your online casino’s slot library.

Samba Brazil

Some punters prefer something more upbeat and catchier, and that is exactly what they’ll get with the Samba Brazil slot from Playtech. Playtech is another big name in casino software, providing some of the best slot titles the world has seen.

The Samba Brazil slot is filled with colorful graphics and upbeat sambas. It would be a great addition to your online casino’s library of slots.

Karaoke Party

Microgaming is another software developer worth looking into if you want to offer excellent gaming experiences on your online casino. They are also the team behind Karaoke Party, an engaging music-themed slot with several extra features, wilds and bonus spins.

Slot lovers who enjoy the excitement and fun and karaoke will appreciate this game and will flock to your online casino if you’ve got it in your slot library, that’s for sure!

The Jazz Club

The Jazz Club is a jazz-themed slot developed and powered by Playtech. The game is filled with jazz music and creates the perfect jazzy atmosphere for all the jazz enthusiasts out there. The game features free spins, multipliers, and wilds.

Not only is it an entertaining slot game, but it is also a very rewarding one. Something every slot player looks for in a slot machine.

Adding any of these popular music-themed slot titles to your library of slots would be a great idea. These games are loved by slot players all around the globe and will be a hit in your online casino.