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The online magazine was founded by Raphael Wiley, the owner of several successful online casinos. Raphael has a passion for everything related to punting and have dabbled in gambling at land-based and online casinos for years.

With his experience, Raphael thought there could be something else he could do to feed this love and passion for casinos. He then continued to launch his first online casino. Based on his experiences while gaming online, he crafted a site that reached great success.

Our Team

Raphael is joined by a team of talented writers, casino experts, developers, and designers. Each team member has years of experience in the casino industry which is what makes Legal Geekery the best magazine for those looking to launch their online casino platforms.

Our Work

As industry experts, we provide in-depth reviews, guides, and news to those who share our passion and love for the industry. Our content is crafted by our panel of casino experts and writers and aims to inform and educate our online community.

Casino News

Legal Geekery is dedicated to staying updated with all the latest news and innovations in the world of online gaming. We keep our readers in the know of all the changes and updates as they take place to ensure they are informed.

Casino Guides

We take pride in providing our readers with expert casino guides. These guides cover a vast array of topics, including how to launch an online casino platform and which elements and functionalities to focus on before going live.

Legal Matters

The world of online gaming can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to legal matters. Legal Geekery publishes articles that specifically tackle legal matters to ensure our readers know what’s what when it comes to New Jersey gambling laws.

Our Goal

Legal Geekery’s goal is simple: to be the go-to magazine for new casino operators. We wish to serve as an educational platform and helping hand to ensure those looking to launch an online casino in New Jersey can do so easily.

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