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Most casinos are legal and in order to expose the illegally operating providers, gamblers need a little background knowledge. In the gambling market, nothing matters as much as valid licenses. The trustworthiness of a casino or a situs judi slot (slot gambling site) depends largely on the type of these licenses. European licenses are an indication of seriousness.

Gamblers should therefore find out more about the casino and find out which licenses are available. If a casino has European licenses, it sometimes advertises for them or explicitly indicates this point in the terms and conditions or within other subpages.

High-quality games in the desired genre

Although more and more people are online and thus visit digital casinos, every gambler still has his favorite games. Most gamblers choose the slot machine. It is an attractive pastime. The game is fast-paced, there are hardly any rules and the chances of winning are not negligible either.

If you are a real slot fan, you should therefore resort to casinos with a focus on the one-armed bandit. Meanwhile, game manufacturers such as Merkur offer countless slots ready. If certain slot themes are desired, the right virtual casino can also be found for this.

The same applies to table games. Most casinos have both game variants on offer. When playing at the casino for the first time, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the game. Does the game stop or does it stall even though the memory is not overloaded? Then choose another portal to play.

Bonuses and great additional games

With bonus programs, gamblers must be vigilant. Utopian bonus promises are a typical trap of dubious casinos. Therefore: When looking at the casinos, do not fall into inner euphoria. Comparisons with other casinos make sense. By the way, reputable casinos offer new bonuses almost daily, inviting newbies and existing gamblers to play. Most gamblers want a deposit bonus and they receive it, whereby the amount depends on the deposit amount.

At certain intervals, online casinos even offer additional games. In these, individual gamblers can compete and win coins or even real money. These time-limited additional games are a lot of fun and encourage you to win. Races indicate your own progress. Whoever is one step ahead receives the Total profit. Turning the virtual wheel of fortune also brings in new game coins or gives a lucrative deposit bonus for the next deposit. The additional games change, are partly seasonal, and are open to every gambler – regardless of the preferences in the casino.


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The required installation of programs

Until recently, the online casino ran completely on the PC. With the emergence and spread of mobile Internet-enabled devices, this should change. From then on, casino operators had to make their games available to mobile users. Often the gamblers had to search for the program on their smartphone on the provider’s website and then download it.

Thanks to the Google Play Store, this is now much easier. More and more online casinos and other providers offer their programs via the Play Store. So gamblers have everything in one place and the seriousness is out of the question anyway.

In addition, the download of casino apps via the smartphone is very fast and gamblers are not localized. Due to the constantly improving transmission speed, good devices no longer experience interruptions while playing. A smooth gaming experience and the enjoyment of the most diverse casino offers are included.

If you do not want to install an app, you can of course continue to go to the casino via the PC. After a short login, gamblers can let off steam on the platform, set games as favorites, individualize the player account and chat with other gamblers.

Deposit and payment methods

Legal casinos do not charge an entrance fee for the use of the games on the net. On the contrary, they offer bonuses to every newcomer so that he can start playing right away and without payment. Payment is only required when the bonus is used up or higher sums are to be wagered. Regular costs such as subscription fees do not apply when using the online casino. Maybe that’s why the game is one of many popular pastimes in Germany.

When it comes to payment methods, gamblers should rely on your knowledge. If the casino wants to have certain personal data associated with the bank account, gamblers should either opt for another payment method or withdraw completely from the provider. The indication of the account number and login password of the bank have no place in the casino. Many users rely on other payment methods such as PayPal. At PayPal, there is the advantage of the live transmission of money.

The sum appears immediately in the player’s account and is ready for gambling. Others choose the way of transfer and accept a waiting period of several days. If you want, you can also connect your credit card to the casino. However, this should only be done if the provider is reputable in any case.

New changes in 2022 – is the casino legally compliant?

Casinos on the net will have to redesign their websites in 2022. In July 2021, the State Treaty on Gambling was entered into force. This limits the monthly expenses of the player to 1,000 euros. Also, the spin on the slots may not be allowed per spent costs more than 1 euro. In addition, a panic button is integrated, which protects players from overzealous play.

In addition, casinos are only allowed to operate from Germany if they have a domain extension from Germany. Advertising for gambling itself is greatly reduced and the term ‘casino’ is no longer allowed to appear.

All this is due to the safety of the players and the clear identification of the casino and is to be regarded as progress.