If you take a look at history, it quickly becomes clear how long gambling has been practiced. The ancient Romans are said to have indulged in it.

In the taverns, the soldiers passed the time with a kind of dice game. Of course, bets were also placed on the outcome of gladiator fights and other sporting competitions. Some historians even see this as the forerunner of today’s sports betting.

In the Middle Ages, gambling really flourished, and it was during this period that the buildings of the game were first mentioned. However, the gambling offered here was only available to the upper class, the proletariat had to gamble in the inns. Today, you can find sic bo bet (แทงไฮโล) or live casinos where players can participate anytime.

Political reasons for banning gambling in some countries

There are political reasons for the ban on gambling. You can find this especially during the Cold War and even today in socialist or communist-ruled countries. In the Soviet Union and the associated satellite states, gambling was downright branded as Western devilry. Of course, this had no place in a perfect socialist world. Even if numerous countries opened up to democracy. Thus, ultimately to gambling after the collapse of the Soviet Union, one can still observe politically justified gambling bans today.

This applies to no other country to such an extent as to the People’s Republic of China. For example, the political leadership instructed its administrative officials to actively promote the national spirit and basic socialist values. For the Communist Party, this also includes the manufacture, import, sale and operation of electronic entertainment devices.


Protecting players from gambling addiction

The World Health Organization classifies what is colloquially known as compulsive gambling as a medical condition. In Germany, as in most western countries, protection against gambling addiction is taken very seriously. While in Germany and in Switzerland with 0.5% of the players only a very small part is affected by this disease. Countries like Finland with 1.3% or Great Britain with 2.7% of all players have to deal with the effects of gambling addiction much harder battle.

Governments around the world take different approaches to combating addiction. While in Great Britain or the USA one relies on the sense of responsibility of the players, Germany follows a different, much stricter path. In the new State Treaty on Gambling, the legislature has set a deposit limit of EUR 1,000 per player per month to prevent the development of gambling addiction and this is checked in a nationwide database. Almost all Western countries worldwide provide affected players with a free advice center for the care and treatment of gambling addiction.