The first casino was inaugurated in 1683, in Venice. From then until now, the industry experienced continuous expansion. However,  Romania has not been privileged by this aspect. Thus, at the beginning of the 1900s,  people carried out works on the territory of the country for the construction of historical arcades.

The popularity of gambling has grown considerably in recent decades. This form of entertainment becoming increasingly popular worldwide. From simple bets made with dice and horse racing, gambling has adapted to today’s technology through various modern titles and machines.

A brief history of gambling in Romania

Gambling in Romania has evolved both at the street level and in physical casinos. Also, it evolved in the online environment where users have access to a lot of gaming platforms. Thus, they can be able to access Sesame (Сезам) casino and enjoy the games offered.

The story of gambling in Romania began, officially, with the inauguration of the first casino in Constanța, in 1910. Casinos were then built in locations in the Romanian capital, and titles such as Poker and Blackjack began to become appreciated by Romanian citizens.

Certainly, the history of gambling is a rich and interesting one. Romania’s historic casinos played an important role in this.

Sesame casino

From street casinos to online casinos

Technology moves fast. The Romanian gambling industry has managed to keep up. More specifically, online casinos, the diverse number of released titles, and secure payment methods have transformed the online gambling environment into a popular and appreciated one.

In the past, when the world of online gambling was not developed, it never occurred to players that they would be able to access their favorite titles from the comfort of their homes. The days when to play a slot game or live casino you had to go to the casino are over.

Online gambling in Romania is very accessible. There are many online gambling platforms, a sign that the evolution of gambling in Romania is heading in a good direction, where users have a choice.

Gambling in Romania evolved in an organic and accelerated way

The Gambling Industry in Romania became more and more popular with the regulations of 2015 when ONJN established a set of rules. These rules apply to both operators and players, establishing a much safer and more enjoyable environment for both parties.

Currently, there are variants of casinos and street agencies. There are also online platforms that have the most popular titles. It is important, however, to check that the operator you chose has all the licenses. This way, you protect your personal and banking data.