There are some factors to consider when playing at the best online casinos in specific countries.


Online casinos are popular and players tend to play at safe international casino sites. While it is not possible to operate online casinos from Germany, with the entry into force of the German State Treaty on Gambling, players will have access to many online casinos and sports betting platforms that were previously denied to them.


Gambling in the Alpine Republic is monopolized and managed by Casino Austria AG. The legal situation is less restrictive than in Germany. Nevertheless, high standards for the protection of minors and the avoidance of gambling addiction apply here.

Great Britain

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licenses gambling platforms and regulates online gambling to protect UK players. The UKCG offers guides to safe online gambling at the best online casinos.


Online gambling is legal in Denmark, where many of the top online casinos have received licenses to operate in the country. Players are responsible for keeping their winnings for income tax purposes while the Danish Gaming Authority (DGA) collects taxes from the licensed operators.

S188 online gambling Malaysia


Gambling is widespread in Thailand, although most gambling is illegal except for the official national lottery. Gambling at the best online casinos is safer than the games offered at land-based casinos. There is no risk of catching a fine.

European Union

Each state within the European Union is responsible for constitution and compliance with all laws related to online gambling. Gambling in the best online casinos is a common form of entertainment for players. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the leading online casino licensing agencies in the world. European players have a wide range of licensed international betting sites at their disposal.


Gambling laws vary in Asia. Online gambling is legal in some countries while restricted in other areas. Since the authorities in many regions do not issue licenses for online casinos, players usually play at the best online casinos that are licensed by international authorities. Players in Asia can enjoy the games in S188 online gambling Malaysia.

United States

In the US, gambling is legal at the federal level. This means that each state is responsible for shaping its land-based and online gambling regulations. Several states have fully legalized and regulated online gambling. Many other states are in the process of doing so.