The USA has a long history of casinos. Today, it has grown into a multi-billion dollar business. Hollywood and social media have made a significant contribution to this boom.

Feature films, series and photos on Instagram show you a world that people in other countries can only dream of. For many, California is therefore the ultimate travel destination to get to know the American casino culture with its extravagant and culinary adventures.

Casinos and Florida – a complicated past

Casinos in the USA are subject to federal law and, like in Germany, require a gaming license in order to operate a casino. The act of betting is the decisive point of the US legal basis for obtaining a license. In the US, they strictly control casino operators more than the visitors of the casinos. The two main US gambling laws are the Federal Wire Act, which relates to betting in general and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which governs sports betting. Thus, if you want to apply for baccarat (สมัครบาคาร่า), you have to check governing laws.

Florida is no exception, as the Sunshine State has created its own legal basis for its gambling laws. Gamblers can be fined or imprisoned for up to 60 days if caught gambling. However, to date, no Florida resident has been arrested on the basis of gambling, while there have been several penalties for gambling.

Casinos in Germany – spoiled for choice

Germany has been campaigning for the legalization and administration of the gambling industry for several years. The government is following the example of other countries. They try to draft laws dedicated to protecting individuals and preventing addiction. The state regulates elements such as wagering or deposits to ensure the best casino experience.

Like the US, Germany defines gambling as a game of chance rather than skill. So only certain games are subject to state regulation. In Germany, compared to Florida, more games are included in the legal base like craps, games with dominoes, lotteries and the wheel of fortune are subject to the same laws as card games, roulette and games on machines. The state distinguishes between licensed and unlicensed casinos.


Germany and Florida: A comparison

While Germany and Florida are similar at the basic level of their laws, there are significant differences in execution. Since 2016, Miami’s boat rides, which provided a grey area for casino gaming, have been illegal again, underscoring the tightening of Florida’s laws. In Germany, instead, a positive attitude towards gambling is developing, guided by the EU, which favours the gaming aspect. Florida remains a special case due to the history of its indigenous peoples since the livelihood of many citizens is based on the existence of the Indian casinos.