Legal Geekery Podcast — Episode 32

by Joshua Auriemma September 18, 2012 Podcasts

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 52:25 — 24.5MB) | EmbedIntroduction It’s been months since the last show. What’s new? Josh’s journey from lawyer back to student (and lawyer consultant) is new! And don’t miss the scoop on Alice and Dallas. Josh will be getting the iPhone 5, no doubt shipping with iOS […]

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Scalia: Lawyers Do Nothing Productive for Society

by Sean McGilvray October 2, 2009 Legal

Everyone’s favorite (or at least most quotable) Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia is once again making the headlines with his delightfully grouchy take on the legal profession. When asked by a CSPAN reporter about the quality of lawyers who appear before him, Scalia gave a complimentary answer, affirming the high caliber of the lawyers he […]

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Will We Ever See a Non-Ivy League Supreme Court Justice?

by Sean McGilvray June 18, 2009 Law School

You went to a middle-of-the-road undergraduate school where the focus was more on tailgating in the stadium parking lot than schmoozing over brandy and cigars or whatever the ultra-elite do when they’re not conducting secret meetings to control the world. You got straight As, even though you decided to take the hardest classes. Your law […]

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