Legal Researchers Rejoice! Google Scholar Provides Access to U.S. Case Law

by Sean McGilvray November 17, 2009 Legal

It’s official: All you budding legal scholars out there have a powerful new research tool, and it comes from Google. In a move that probably takes it off the Christmas card mailing list of Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw, Google has given its research portal Google Scholar the capability to search through American case law. The official […]

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Laptops in the Classroom: Learning Tool or Time Waster?

by Jon Bartelson July 7, 2009 Advice

One of the more popular questions on the various law school tours I attended while choosing a law school concerned the use of laptops in class. Whenever I had the good fortune to sit in on a class, the majority of the students in attendance were busily tapping away on their laptops, seemingly engrossed in […]

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Why Law Students Should Adopt Twitter En Masse

by Joshua Auriemma May 1, 2009 Advice

I was something of a late Twitter adopter on my Legal Geekery persona.  I didn’t really understand how it could benefit me professionally.  Now I urge all law students to get a Twitter account as fast as possible.  Why?  That’s the easy part. There are roughly 1000 people following @legalgeekery.  I’d guess that the breakdown […]

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The Calm Before the Storm

by Joshua Auriemma July 4, 2008 Life

The relaxing period of the summer has officially ended. In the next few weeks, this is my schedule: 40 hrs/week researching Interview for a fellowship in Philly on Friday Loyola Patent Job Fair in Chicago (10 interviews, maybe more) Write an amicus brief for a case that was just granted allocatur by the Supreme Court […]

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Law Research v. Science Research

by Joshua Auriemma June 16, 2008 Law School

I enjoyed physics research a lot: it involved a minimal amount of endlessly crawling through books. Legal research on the other hand, is a lot of “see, that guy said what I want to say, so by our combined power, my argument is strong.” I find that this procedure makes it somewhat difficult to “think […]

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