As technical interviews die at Google, should lawyers adopt them?

by Joshua Auriemma June 23, 2013 Legal
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Having entered law school from a discipline where technical interviews were the norm, I remember being very skeptical of the behavioral interview process. I’ve been thinking about technical interviews lately — specifically, their role in the legal profession — in light of recent news stories about Google vilifying the utility of technical interview questions and […]

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United States v. Microsoft, A Decade Later

by Laura Bergus September 28, 2009 Geekery

Last week in antitrust class we covered United States v. Microsoft. Our analysis centered on “Microsoft III” and the Sherman Act Section 2 violations issues. (Section 2 of the Sherman Act makes monopolization a felony.) There has been an awful lot said about US v. Microsoft, 10 years later (like the Berkman Center’s conference on […]

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This Will Get You Extra Credit

by Joshua Auriemma January 25, 2009 Geekery

Tip of the hat to Concurring Opinions for spotting this awesome YouTube clip.   I seriously considered hooking up my MacBook Pro to the class sound system during 1L so that I could answer a cold-call with text-to-voice software.  However, pre-recording some “observations” and playing them back with this software blows that idea out of […]

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Microsoft’s Pay-As-You-Go Patent

by Joshua Auriemma December 31, 2008 News

The interwebs have been buzzing lately about this patent filed by Microsoft.  It’s entitled, “Metered Pay-As-You-Go Computing Experience.” Claim 1 reads:  “A method of operating a computer with scalable performance comprising:  presenting a catalog of options related to scalable performance of the pay-per-use computer;  presenting a price associated with each of the options;  receiving a […]

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Interview with Microsoft

by Joshua Auriemma October 30, 2008 Geekery

About a week ago, I asked one of my friends employed by Microsoft to submit my resume to legal. He spent a good deal of time trying to find the right person, and eventually he found a Penn State recruiter that told him MS was only recruiting for core tech positions, but from my resume, […]

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The Best Way to Take Notes in Law School

by Mr. X July 17, 2008 Law School

Yeah, I know it’s a bold statement, but I swear by this program.  Microsoft OneNote allows students to organize multiple notebooks, sections, and subsections in one application, with instant, database-style save capability so you’ll never lose your notes.  You can create tables and charts, take notes in easily formatted bullet or numbered outlines, drag and […]

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