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On the Benefits of Open Access Legal Scholarship

by Joshua Auriemma March 29, 2011 Legal

A paper entitled “Citation Advantage of Open Access Legal Scholarship” was co-authored by James M. Donovan of the University of Kentucky College of Law, and Carol A. Watson of the University of Georgia Law School earlier this month. The authors are convinced that this is the first paper focusing exclusively on the role that open access plays […]

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Typography for Lawyers: Interview with Matthew Butterick

by Laura Bergus January 15, 2011 Featured Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:19:13 — 54.4MB) | Embed Episode 21: Typography for Lawyers, CES, Searching Cell Phones, and More.

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Review of Fastcase for iPad

by Joshua Auriemma July 6, 2010 Reviews

It has been about half a year since Fastcase released their fantastic iPhone app and became the first company to offer (free) fully-functional, mobile, native legal research.  I was fortunate to get an advance copy of the upcoming Fastcase iPad app, and I’m just as impressed this time around. Legal research on the iPad could […]

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Review of the Fastcase iPhone App

by Joshua Auriemma January 29, 2010 Law School

Well, friends, the first full-fledged legal research app is born. Some of you may have heard that the new Fastcase iPhone app dropped tonight.  At Legal Geekery, we had the good fortune of getting an advanced preview, so this review is the result of a few days of playing around with the app. For those […]

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Legal Researchers Rejoice! Google Scholar Provides Access to U.S. Case Law

by Sean McGilvray November 17, 2009 Legal

It’s official: All you budding legal scholars out there have a powerful new research tool, and it comes from Google. In a move that probably takes it off the Christmas card mailing list of Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw, Google has given its research portal Google Scholar the capability to search through American case law. The official […]

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Greasemonkey, Meet Lawyers

by Joshua Auriemma February 8, 2009 Geekery

We haven’t had a real update in a while because our final drafts for law review were due on Friday.  I assure you, however, that this post will make up for the lack of updates if you’re willing to be a little adventurous. I am constantly assigned research tasks at work and I’m forced to […]

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Law Research v. Science Research

by Joshua Auriemma June 16, 2008 Law School

I enjoyed physics research a lot: it involved a minimal amount of endlessly crawling through books. Legal research on the other hand, is a lot of “see, that guy said what I want to say, so by our combined power, my argument is strong.” I find that this procedure makes it somewhat difficult to “think […]

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