YouTube to Require Copyright “Offenders” to Attend Copyright School

by Joshua Auriemma April 15, 2011 Minor Geeks

From an article I assumed had been sourced by The Onion, it seems that YouTube will soon require that copyright offenders take a copyright law class before their accounts will be reinstated. This could be a good thing so long as an “offense” isn’t tantamount to “DMCA request received.” That’s unrealistically optimistic, though.

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WestlawNext: Special Edition Legal Geekery Podcast

by Laura Bergus January 28, 2010 Podcasts

Laura had the chance to check out the new WestlawNext. It’s pretty sweet. Tangents about class rank, grades, and a debate about the purpose of lawyers rounds out the hour.

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Law School Proliferation

by Jon Bartelson November 6, 2009 Law School

Southern New England School of Law seeks to donate itself to the University of Massachusetts system, thereby creating the first public law school in Massachusetts. Does the current economic climate lend itself to law school proliferation?

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The Unspoken Life of a Lawyer

by Claire Marie June 22, 2009 Legal

In my second year I took a Law and Literature class to give myself some sort of relief from the typical law school class and to coddle my much neglected theater minor self a little.  It was a good choice:  my professor was dedicated and full of interesting legal references in popular culture and had […]

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Hentai, Avatars, and the First Amendment

by Sean McGilvray June 22, 2009 Legal Decisions

In Jacobellis v. Ohio, Justice Potter Stewart gave the world the most highly quoted definition of obscenity ever to come from the bench when he said “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly […]

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Will We Ever See a Non-Ivy League Supreme Court Justice?

by Sean McGilvray June 18, 2009 Law School

You went to a middle-of-the-road undergraduate school where the focus was more on tailgating in the stadium parking lot than schmoozing over brandy and cigars or whatever the ultra-elite do when they’re not conducting secret meetings to control the world. You got straight As, even though you decided to take the hardest classes. Your law […]

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6 Most Evil Attorneys Ever

by Sean McGilvray June 10, 2009 The Lighter Side

Joshua already laid out the most badass attorneys of all time. But what about the just plain bad? Here’s a countdown of some of the most vile, evil, and corrupt lawyers ever to enter the popular imagination. From drug lawyers to mafia bosses, let’s just say that none of the attorneys on this list aced […]

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My EULA Crisis

by Joshua Auriemma May 17, 2009 Geekery

For the past year or so, I’ve devoted substantial efforts to arguing that many terms within standard Massively Multiplayer Online Game license agreements should be found unconscionable. For those of you who don’t know, I’m spending the summer as a Summer Fellow with the Stanford Law Center for Internet & Society.  CIS hosts many events […]

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Legeeke Discussion: #7 Unrealistic Expectations

by Joshua Auriemma March 19, 2009 Legeeke

This thread is for the discussion of the Legeeke Comic #7: Unrealistic Expectations. Apart from being a semi-joking cautionary tale to the 0Ls, this strip was donated to the Public Interest Law Fund Auction at the Penn State University Dickinson School of Law.  The auction read, “have your likeness featured in a Legeeke: A Legal […]

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