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Stop Exclusively Using Your Law School Email Accounts

by Joshua Auriemma August 2, 2012 Law School

You’d be amazed at how often as a lawyer I find myself rueing my terrible decision not to back up my law school email account. That civil procedure outline someone in my study group emailed to me that I remember having a really great explanation of date calculations? Long gone because I wasn’t thinking ahead. […]

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You Don’t Need an Implied License if it’s Explicit

by Laura Bergus June 25, 2010 Podcasts Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:17:02 — 70.5MB) | Embed Episode 14: studying for the bar exam, RSS and copyright, Lessig’s attempt to amend the Constitution, life as a married law student, & more. When Larry Lessig tries to amend the US Constitution, Josh and Laura realize they should have paid […]

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End User Advice for Law School Finals, Podcast 6A

by Laura Bergus December 12, 2009 Law School

Josh and Laura discuss law school finals: taking the tests, exam software, the pros and cons of hand-writing essays, and much more. Join us in our temporary formatless format — you know you want a break from studying.

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More Tales from the 1L Underbelly

by Christopher Wright November 19, 2009 Law School

A post in which Chris talks for a long time about Midterms, Study Groups, Outlines, and the large amounts of Drama in law school.

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More Back-to-School Advice: Snack Right

by Laura Bergus August 17, 2009 Advice

A rising 1L I follow on Twitter recently posted, “Stocking up on packaged, processed food with preservatives galore.” She wasn’t joking, and the impending doom of the law student study-life (im)balance was driving her to seek out quick, easy, non-perishable calories. Probably every first-year law student will feel the pull of the vending machines or […]

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The Best Law Student Advice Is No Advice (Advice For 0Ls)

by Joshua Auriemma August 14, 2009 Law School

A few weeks back, I was in a car with some of my fellow CIS interns and we were discussing law school for the alleged benefit of the undergraduate / pre-law / 0L preparing for law school.  As we all spewed off our suggestions about how to write a brief, whether to join a journal […]

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Advice For Up-and-Coming Law Students: Get Some Computer Skills

by Laura Bergus June 23, 2009 Advice

It’s tough out there. Law school enrollments are rising [pdf] and yet fewer graduates are getting law jobs. So here’s a suggestion for beating the competition among your law student peers: become a geek. A computer geek, that is. From the least-geeky (being a MS Word appellate-brief-formatting master) to the über-geek (programming custom visualizations for […]

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Law Student Commute Blues? Try Podcasts!

by Joshua Auriemma June 3, 2009 Life

I never really got into podcasts until recently. I don’t really enjoy reading on my commute, and podcasts are a great way to learn about new things and hear new ideas while traveling. If you haven’t checked out the “podcasts” tab in iTunes yet, run there as fast as you can because I can almost […]

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Free Representation Through Dating Websites

by Joshua Auriemma February 19, 2009 The Lighter Side

Apparently the hip new way to get free representation for your patent dispute is by spamming law students on internet dating websites. Background:  Around 2006 I created an OkCupid account to “meet ladies.”  I’m no longer looking for a “lady friend” but I update my profile periodically for no good reason.  The most current version […]

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