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Suck it Up and Take Trial Advocacy

by Joshua Auriemma February 8, 2010 Advice

I know, at least at my law school, students are afraid of trial advocacy.  Maybe they’ve heard that it’s a ton of work, or maybe they’re just reluctant to speak in public in front of other attorneys, judges, and their classmates. The fact of the matter is that even if you’re not planning on litigating, […]

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More Tales from the 1L Underbelly

by Christopher Wright November 19, 2009 Law School

A post in which Chris talks for a long time about Midterms, Study Groups, Outlines, and the large amounts of Drama in law school.

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So You’ve Survived Your First Week of Law School

by Claire Marie August 20, 2009 Advice

Have you? Sure you have. Maybe its been rough, maybe its been a breeze.  (I doubt the latter, but in case that is you I recommend being vigilant and don’t think because you’ve “got this” means you’ll automatically do well on finals.) Whatever variety of spice law school has thrown into your gut, fear not–it […]

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Some Housekeeping Matters

by Joshua Auriemma May 27, 2009 Life

Well, Andy and I are starting work so with any luck we’ll have some interesting topics to blog about in the near future.  Things should heat up soon in general since the 0Ls will be finding this blog through googling things like dear God, I just got into law school and I have no idea […]

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9 Reasons Why Law School Is Great

by Mr. X February 10, 2009 Law School

I understand that bashing law school is a favorite activity of law students, but as a response to Josh’s prior post — I present to you the 9 Reasons Why Law School is Great.

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The Best Way to Take Notes in Law School

by Mr. X July 17, 2008 Law School

Yeah, I know it’s a bold statement, but I swear by this program.  Microsoft OneNote allows students to organize multiple notebooks, sections, and subsections in one application, with instant, database-style save capability so you’ll never lose your notes.  You can create tables and charts, take notes in easily formatted bullet or numbered outlines, drag and […]

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