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More Tales from the 1L Underbelly

by Christopher Wright November 19, 2009 Law School

A post in which Chris talks for a long time about Midterms, Study Groups, Outlines, and the large amounts of Drama in law school.

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So You’ve Survived Your First Week of Law School

by Claire Marie August 20, 2009 Advice

Have you? Sure you have. Maybe its been rough, maybe its been a breeze.  (I doubt the latter, but in case that is you I recommend being vigilant and don’t think because you’ve “got this” means you’ll automatically do well on finals.) Whatever variety of spice law school has thrown into your gut, fear not–it […]

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Advice for New 1Ls: Your Lawyer Would Never Let You Sign This

by Laura Bergus July 14, 2009 Legal

The first year of law school is, in part, about jumping through hoops. Actually, it’s about showing the right people that you’re willing to jump through hoops, and then jumping through them. The toughest hoop for me was one particular application. Not an application to join something or get something, but an application to register…a […]

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Advice For Up-and-Coming Law Students: Get Some Computer Skills

by Laura Bergus June 23, 2009 Advice

It’s tough out there. Law school enrollments are rising [pdf] and yet fewer graduates are getting law jobs. So here’s a suggestion for beating the competition among your law student peers: become a geek. A computer geek, that is. From the least-geeky (being a MS Word appellate-brief-formatting master) to the über-geek (programming custom visualizations for […]

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Law Student Commute Blues? Try Podcasts!

by Joshua Auriemma June 3, 2009 Life

I never really got into podcasts until recently. I don’t really enjoy reading on my commute, and podcasts are a great way to learn about new things and hear new ideas while traveling. If you haven’t checked out the “podcasts” tab in iTunes yet, run there as fast as you can because I can almost […]

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The Best Way to Take Notes in Law School

by Mr. X July 17, 2008 Law School

Yeah, I know it’s a bold statement, but I swear by this program.  Microsoft OneNote allows students to organize multiple notebooks, sections, and subsections in one application, with instant, database-style save capability so you’ll never lose your notes.  You can create tables and charts, take notes in easily formatted bullet or numbered outlines, drag and […]

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