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Preclusion Woes: Is My Article Precluded?

by Joshua Auriemma July 27, 2012 Legal
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I recently finished reading Eugene Volokh’s excellent book, Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, and Seminar Papers. My only regret after purchasing it is that it was not given to me as a welcome gift when I accepted the invitation to join the law review. I suspect the caliber of student Notes would […]

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On the Benefits of Open Access Legal Scholarship

by Joshua Auriemma March 29, 2011 Legal

A paper entitled “Citation Advantage of Open Access Legal Scholarship” was co-authored by James M. Donovan of the University of Kentucky College of Law, and Carol A. Watson of the University of Georgia Law School earlier this month. The authors are convinced that this is the first paper focusing exclusively on the role that open access plays […]

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Legal Researchers Rejoice! Google Scholar Provides Access to U.S. Case Law

by Sean McGilvray November 17, 2009 Legal

It’s official: All you budding legal scholars out there have a powerful new research tool, and it comes from Google. In a move that probably takes it off the Christmas card mailing list of Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw, Google has given its research portal Google Scholar the capability to search through American case law. The official […]

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On the Importance of Annoying Paperwork

by Joshua Auriemma July 17, 2009 Advice

When I started my externship, the field placement professor was extraordinarily helpful in getting me placed with an IP law firm.  She explained that traditionally, the higher ranked students don’t participate in field placement and instead focus on their academic work.  In retrospect, I have a lot to say on that subject, but it’s really […]

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Research Advisor and Law Review Program

by Joshua Auriemma August 12, 2008 Law School

As a research assistant, I find myself reading an insane amount of law review articles. Adding Law Review to the mix means that I’ll be reading a super insane number of law review articles next year. I always read these articles and notice that they’ve been written in a nice outline format, but Lexis doesn’t […]

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Law Review Results

by Joshua Auriemma July 24, 2008 Law School

Andy and I found out that we made the Penn State Law Review today (as did our girlfriends). The law firm of Auriemma, Schnitzel, Ahmed, and Petrosky (ASAP) is coming together nicely.

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by Joshua Auriemma May 18, 2008 Life

I just submitted my casenote for the law review competition. I can shower now; the girlfriend will be pleased.

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