Can Lawyers Ethically Sell Used Electronics?

by Joshua Auriemma June 30, 2011 Geekery
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Many of us view sensitive materials every day on our personal computers, tablets, smart phones, and e-readers. What happens when the newest gadgets or processors roll out and we want to upgrade our devices? If you’re like me, you put your current device up for sale on Craigslist or eBay, or send it along to […]

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Lawyers and Law Students: Hold Off On Upgrading That iPad

by Joshua Auriemma April 15, 2011 Law School
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As someone who sold his first generation iPad to pick up an iPad 2, I have spent the past month considering whether the upgrade was worth the cost. The short answer is: probably not. The increased processor speed is great and noticeable. Unless you find the first-generation iPad speeds unbearable, however, the speed increase just […]

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Legal Geekery Podcast Episode 24

by Laura Bergus March 26, 2011 Featured

http://legalgeekery.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/episode24.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 56:00 — 51.3MB) | Embed US News Rankings, iPad 2, Twitter trademark, bar review, LG site redesign, picking a case management system, and more.

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A Pink Slip Gets You into the Investiture

by Laura Bergus May 18, 2010 Podcasts

http://legalgeekery.com/podcasts/episode12.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:00:03 — 55.0MB) | Embed Episode 12: Kagan’s nomination, a new 3rd Circuit judge, Black’s Law App, and more Josh and his electronic evidence pals got the best seats in the house at a 3rd Circuit investiture. Laura admits she is completely out of touch with […]

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Using an iPad in Lieu of a Laptop?

by Joshua Auriemma May 12, 2010 Reviews

Since my first post on using an iPad in my Advocacy II trial, law students and lawyers have asked me in person, via twitter, and through comments, whether they can (or should) use an iPad as a replacement laptop. The preliminary answer, if your attention span is as short as mine, is probably not (yet). […]

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New Podcast Album Art!

by Joshua Auriemma April 29, 2010 Geekery

For those of you who subscribe to the Legal Geekery podcast, I’m happy to announce that no longer will you have to look at the drab gray album cover I unapologetically yoinked from my Legeeke comic. The new art was designed by Aira Saunar, and you should definitely go check out her stuff if you like anime. […]

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iPad for Lawyers and Law Students

by Joshua Auriemma April 28, 2010 Geekery

So I was one of those dorks waiting in line at 6am on Saturday morning when the iPad launched. I had my new “toy” in time to attempt to run my Advocacy II trial from it.  I looked at a lot of apps that might make this possible but I settled on ReaddleDocs.  Having successfully […]

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US News Fame, iPads, and Roller Derby

by Laura Bergus April 27, 2010 Podcasts

http://legalgeekery.com/podcasts/Episode11.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 54:00 — 49.4MB) | Embed Episode 11: Laura in US News, Josh has an iPad, we tell professors what we think, and more [Update 10/13/2011 — If you found this website by googling search terms from a spam email you got, sorry, but it has nothing […]

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