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Glenn Beck, Parody, and Trademark

by Sean McGilvray September 16, 2009 Legal

When did you stop beating your wife? When will conservative media pundit Glenn Beck deny that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990? There is no right answer to either question, but a satirical website dedicated to taking the Fox News commentator down a peg or two now finds itself on the wrong […]

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The Anti-Google Bill And An Apology from LG

by Joshua Auriemma March 10, 2009 News

Preface:  My apologies, but a loyal geeker just pointed out that comments on Legal Geekery have been closed for quite a while.  We’re not sure why this happened, but rest assured that those responsible have been sacked.  Please take advantage of our newly reopened comments. —– How many ways can a proposed bill say “Google” […]

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First Amendment CAN Trump Anonymous Libel After All

by Joshua Auriemma March 2, 2009 Legal Decisions

Ars Technica published a story today exploring a recent Maryland Court of Appeals decision calling for a First Amendment inquiry before compelling websites to turn over the information of anonymous posters accused of libel. Apparently, the anonymous posters won on a minor technicality (they didn’t actually make the posts that they were acused of making).  […]

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Judge Refuses Extension for MBTA Injunction Against MIT Students

by Joshua Auriemma August 20, 2008 Legal

The Tech Law Prof Blog and Ars Technica have been reporting on the MIT students who were enjoined from sharing their research into the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s faulty “Charlie Card” system with hackers at Defcon. Specifically, the students were able to hack their Charlie Cards into reporting incorrect amounts of money. US District Judge […]

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US v. Stevens (3d Cir en banc)

by Mr. X July 18, 2008 Legal

United States v. Stevens (3d Cir. July 18, 2008) was filed today.  Stevens is an interesting case about whether a statute, 18 U.S.C. § 48 (proscribing “knowingly selling depictions of animal cruelty with the intention of placing those depictions in interstate commerce for commercial gain”), violates the First Amendment.  A 10-3 Third Circuit, in a […]

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Oral Arguments

by Joshua Auriemma April 19, 2008 Law School

Aside from being Blue and White Weekend, today was also my oral argument. I thought it actually went really well. These were my comments: “You said uhm a few times.” “Don’t be afraid to pause to collect your thoughts.” “Great arguments.” “Don’t say, ‘I believe…’” “You seemed comfortable.” “You made up a word.” (unfortunately they […]

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