End User Advice for Law School Finals, Podcast 6A

by Laura Bergus December 12, 2009 Law School

Josh and Laura discuss law school finals: taking the tests, exam software, the pros and cons of hand-writing essays, and much more. Join us in our temporary formatless format — you know you want a break from studying.

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What Does YOUR Exam Playlist Look Like?

by Sean McGilvray November 23, 2009 Law School

As law students all across the country prepare to barricade themselves in their respective study holes and mainline Red Bull and Coffee to keep their eyes open while rereading their commercial outlines for the 8th time, I can’t help but wonder what all those playlists look like. I mean this is the 21st century, right? […]

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Future You Will Be Smarter than Present You

by Laura Bergus November 19, 2009 Podcasts

Fair use, smartphones, and whether or not you can break the BigLaw hierarchy.

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Finally Over

by Mr. X May 9, 2009 Law School

Congrats to all graduates and everyone who is done.

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Programmer Inefficiency

by Joshua Auriemma May 4, 2008 Geekery

My contracts exam is a few short hours away. You think that I’d be vigorously combing my notes and outlines, and absorbing esoteric contracts knowledge in hopes of gaining a few extra points, right? Wrong. I’ve been spending the morning trying to learn Python. As a result, please enjoy the world’s least efficient prime number […]

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