Is Technology Always the Answer?

by Joshua Auriemma February 4, 2011 Legal

This is a guest post by Bryan DePowell. Bryan is a graduate of the University of Hawaii Manoa in Honolulu, and he received his J.D. from Widener Law. Bryan is a former police officer turned district attorney turned defense attorney. His full bio can be found here. I have a confession to make: I’m not […]

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Legal Ethics Tip: Don’t Fabricate Your Job History

by Josh Camson February 15, 2010 Legal

A new website that is a very bad idea for current or prospective lawyers.

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Do Law Schools Teach Students to be Ethical?

by Josh Camson September 9, 2009 Law School

In order to gain admittance to the bar, law students must take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). Law schools across the country require that students take an ethics course which, in theory, prepares them for the MPRE and the ethical practice of law. In this author’s opinion, many law schools only give lip service to an ethical education. They require the coursework, but not the application of ethical standards in the everyday grind of law school.

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6 Most Evil Attorneys Ever

by Sean McGilvray June 10, 2009 The Lighter Side

Joshua already laid out the most badass attorneys of all time. But what about the just plain bad? Here’s a countdown of some of the most vile, evil, and corrupt lawyers ever to enter the popular imagination. From drug lawyers to mafia bosses, let’s just say that none of the attorneys on this list aced […]

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Ethics in the Legal Profession

by Joshua Auriemma January 23, 2009 Law School

I’m taking Professional Responsibility right now, and I just came from a class where there was myriad discussion about advocacy v. mediation.  I almost feel like (at least my) law school has become so ridiculously PC that no one wants to argue for traditional lawyering anymore.  Many people spoke about their desire for the legal […]

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Researchers Spam You to Learn About Spam

by Joshua Auriemma November 10, 2008 Legal Current Events

TechRadar reports on some questionable research regarding the spam filling up our inboxes.  It appears that the researchers thought that the best way to study spam was to take over a bot network and spam our inboxes. From the article: Using ‘proxy bots’ the team of researchers managed to control 75,869 hijacked machines to conduct […]

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