Legal Geekery Podcast — Episode 32

by Joshua Auriemma September 18, 2012 Podcasts

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 52:25 — 24.5MB) | EmbedIntroduction It’s been months since the last show. What’s new? Josh’s journey from lawyer back to student (and lawyer consultant) is new! And don’t miss the scoop on Alice and Dallas. Josh will be getting the iPhone 5, no doubt shipping with iOS […]

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Legal Geekery Roundup for 12.2.2011

by Joshua Auriemma December 2, 2011 News
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The Copyright Office recently sought submissions for new exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The EFF yesterday filed a comment with the Office seeking an extension of last year’s exceptions for phones and remix videos, and urged that the Office expand its protection to the jailbreaking of smartphones, electronic tablets, and game consoles. Hypothetically, […]

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Episode 30: FBI Blows Cases So You Can’t See the Specs on its Little Black Box

by Joshua Auriemma November 14, 2011 Podcasts

http://legalgeekery.com/podcasts/Episode30.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 31:20 — 43.0MB) | EmbedIntroduction Josh grills Laura on what it’s like to be a real lawyer, and we find out what she’s been doing with herself. Josh went to Mexico and worked on a law review article pertaining to the First Sale Doctrine. Legal Geekery […]

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Episode 26: Just riffin’ on bar exams, summering, and Bitcoin

by Joshua Auriemma June 22, 2011 Podcasts

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (46.7MB) | EmbedLaura and I throw down for a semi-impromptu LG podcast. We’re trying to develop a more regular and frequent schedule. It may be the case when we’ve worked out the details, we’ll start hosting a livecast as well. This week was more of a “just riffin’”1 […]

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iPhonegate: A Brief Synopsis

by Joshua Auriemma April 27, 2010 Geekery

Even if you’re not a huge nerd like me, you’ve probably heard about what the New York Times has been calling “iPhonegate.”  Long story short, Gizmodo purchased a phone thought to be a prototype for their 4G iPhone.  Turns out that in doing so, they may have violated federal and/or state laws. After all the […]

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