The Best Law Student Advice Is No Advice (Advice For 0Ls)

by Joshua Auriemma August 14, 2009 Law School

A few weeks back, I was in a car with some of my fellow CIS interns and we were discussing law school for the alleged benefit of the undergraduate / pre-law / 0L preparing for law school.  As we all spewed off our suggestions about how to write a brief, whether to join a journal […]

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How I prepare for class

by Adam Vella June 28, 2009 Advice

Using a three pass system to stay current with your school briefings

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The Best Way to Take Notes in Law School

by Mr. X July 17, 2008 Law School

Yeah, I know it’s a bold statement, but I swear by this program.  Microsoft OneNote allows students to organize multiple notebooks, sections, and subsections in one application, with instant, database-style save capability so you’ll never lose your notes.  You can create tables and charts, take notes in easily formatted bullet or numbered outlines, drag and […]

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Briefing for Law School

by Joshua Auriemma June 21, 2008 Law School

I enjoy seeing how people stumble upon this blog. One of my favorite ways someone found it was by searching, “how to sell baking soda as cocaine.” Last week, someone found their way here by searching for “case law brief-templates.” After thinking, “Awww, a 0L prepping for classes,” I thought that I should devote a […]

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You know your brief is due in 24 hours when…

by Joshua Auriemma April 6, 2008 The Lighter Side

… your email client looks like this. Yay for briefs.

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