A Proposal For A Summer Associate Job Database

by Joshua Auriemma March 12, 2009 Geekery

I have no idea why this doesn’t exist already.  I suspect that quite a few qualified 2Ls such as myself [shameless plug but if you’re still hiring, please see my resume (redacted for my privacy)] are still looking for summer work.  BigLaw is essentially done hiring, and in fact, they’re anti-hiring, so my applications are […]

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9 Reasons Why Law School Is Great

by Mr. X February 10, 2009 Law School

I understand that bashing law school is a favorite activity of law students, but as a response to Josh’s prior post — I present to you the 9 Reasons Why Law School is Great.

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On Law School Grades and Eating Squirrels

by Mr. X January 8, 2009 Legal

Commentary on whether law school grades really matter, and a cool NYT Article about the Brits eating squirrels.

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Belated Blog Action Day: Poverty

by Joshua Auriemma October 23, 2008 Life

Blog Action Day was last week. Coincidentally, it was the same day that our rough drafts for law review were due, so LG is celebrating Belated Blog Action Day. What is Blog Action Day: Poverty, you ask? Well, a bunch of bloggers got together and decided to make a post about poverty. The LG analog, […]

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Research Advisor and Law Review Program

by Joshua Auriemma August 12, 2008 Law School

As a research assistant, I find myself reading an insane amount of law review articles. Adding Law Review to the mix means that I’ll be reading a super insane number of law review articles next year. I always read these articles and notice that they’ve been written in a nice outline format, but Lexis doesn’t […]

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A Lapse in Etiquette

by Joshua Auriemma July 30, 2008 Life

I’m usually fairly good about following law school etiquette. I try to limit the number of comments I make in classes, I don’t talk about grades to people outside my study group, etc. These are things that are obvious. So I’m in Chicago right now for the Loyola Patent Law Job Fair, and tonight, those […]

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Speed Reading Cases

by Joshua Auriemma July 28, 2008 Advice

One of my biggest problems in law school is that I read really slow, and when I try to speed up, my comprehension can suffer. Today on digg, someone posted a link to a site called spreeder. After playing with it for a bit, It seemed obvious that I was reading faster than normal, so […]

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Malicious Company Naming

by Joshua Auriemma July 2, 2008 The Lighter Side

I’m working a bit late to get some additional material for my research adviser (read: boss) and while researching Terms of Service Agreements, I came across the case Van$ Money Pie Inc., 47 U.S.P.Q.2d 1020 (N.D. Cal. 1998). For some reason, I’m just not used to seeing symbols in case names. At first I thought […]

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