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More Back-to-School Advice: Snack Right

by Laura Bergus August 17, 2009 Advice

A rising 1L I follow on Twitter recently posted, “Stocking up on packaged, processed food with preservatives galore.” She wasn’t joking, and the impending doom of the law student study-life (im)balance was driving her to seek out quick, easy, non-perishable calories. Probably every first-year law student will feel the pull of the vending machines or […]

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Make your Studying More Tech Friendly (Part I in a Series)

by Adam Vella August 14, 2009 Advice

Part one in a series exploring new uses of technology to aide in your legal studies.

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The Best Law Student Advice Is No Advice (Advice For 0Ls)

by Joshua Auriemma August 14, 2009 Law School

A few weeks back, I was in a car with some of my fellow CIS interns and we were discussing law school for the alleged benefit of the undergraduate / pre-law / 0L preparing for law school.  As we all spewed off our suggestions about how to write a brief, whether to join a journal […]

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Advice for New 1Ls: Your Lawyer Would Never Let You Sign This

by Laura Bergus July 14, 2009 Legal

The first year of law school is, in part, about jumping through hoops. Actually, it’s about showing the right people that you’re willing to jump through hoops, and then jumping through them. The toughest hoop for me was one particular application. Not an application to join something or get something, but an application to register…a […]

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How I prepare for class

by Adam Vella June 28, 2009 Advice

Using a three pass system to stay current with your school briefings

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Advice For Up-and-Coming Law Students: Get Some Computer Skills

by Laura Bergus June 23, 2009 Advice

It’s tough out there. Law school enrollments are rising [pdf] and yet fewer graduates are getting law jobs. So here’s a suggestion for beating the competition among your law student peers: become a geek. A computer geek, that is. From the least-geeky (being a MS Word appellate-brief-formatting master) to the über-geek (programming custom visualizations for […]

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Torts Class Taught via YouTube

by Joshua Auriemma March 24, 2009 Legal

Preface: It’s been over a year since I’ve taken torts, I’ve never practiced tort litigation, and I didn’t even bother to check my outlines to make sure this information is correct. With that said, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about anything, but let’s hope that no one will be planning any litigation […]

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Speed Reading Cases

by Joshua Auriemma July 28, 2008 Advice

One of my biggest problems in law school is that I read really slow, and when I try to speed up, my comprehension can suffer. Today on digg, someone posted a link to a site called spreeder. After playing with it for a bit, It seemed obvious that I was reading faster than normal, so […]

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