Did California Just Unintentionally Impose Strict Duties on Bloggers?

by Joshua Auriemma November 6, 2011 Minor Geeks

Eric Goldman thinks it may have as a result of a broad statutory definition of “book.” For another analysis, read Eugene Volokh’s analysis of whether the statute would prevent bookstores from reporting patron-on-patron crime.

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A Law Student’s Preliminary Thoughts on the Lexis Advance User Experience

by Joshua Auriemma November 5, 2011 Reviews

This is a republished guest post by Scott Kuhagen. Scott is a third year law student at Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia. You can find his blog at scottkuhagen.com. I’ve been tinkering some with Lexis Advance, the updated version of the Lexis legal database, and thought I’d offer some initial thoughts on […]

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Bing is More Microsoft Biased than Google is Google Biased?

by Joshua Auriemma November 4, 2011 Minor Geeks

A study published yesterday by the International Center for Law & Economics seems to indicate that Microsoft uses Bing to promote its own products to a greater extent than Google uses Google to promote its own products. Might this have some effect on pending antitrust actions?

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Typography for Lawyers Brings Legal Geekery a New Design

by Joshua Auriemma November 3, 2011 Reviews
Thumbnail image for Typography for Lawyers Brings Legal Geekery a New Design

Meet Matthew Butterick’s Equity font. You should be reading this article right now in said font unless I’ve messed something up, or you’re using a seriously outdated browser. I had the privilege of beta testing the font for Matthew, and I’m a fan (obviously, or I wouldn’t have embedded it into this blog). I used […]

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A Review of Fastcase’s Cloud Printing Suite, Part II: The Word Ribbon

by Joshua Auriemma November 2, 2011 Reviews
Thumbnail image for A Review of Fastcase’s Cloud Printing Suite, Part II: The Word Ribbon

We got our hands on a new feature from the Fastcase Cloud Printing Suite recently that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with our readers. In our last review of the Fastcase Cloud Printing Suite, I mentioned that I was looking forward to experiencing the Cloud Printing integration with Microsoft Word. This feature takes your […]

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Errors While Updating to iOS 5? Here’s a Fix

by Joshua Auriemma October 12, 2011 Geekery
Thumbnail image for Errors While Updating to iOS 5? Here’s a Fix

If you’re having trouble updating to iOS 5 right now (generally resulting in an Internal Error popup), you are not alone. It seems that the problem is actually due to an overwhelming number of phones downloading, updating, and pinging Apple’s servers. Don’t fret. The easy solution is to keep trying to update. Lucky for you, […]

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Episode 29: Let Me Point Out This “Unpublished” Opinion, Because It Doesn’t Exist

by Laura Bergus September 19, 2011 Podcasts

http://legalgeekery.com/podcasts/Episode29.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:19 — 60.9MB) | EmbedIntroduction Friend, avid listener, and token representative law student Scott Kuhagen joins the ‘cast this episode. Laura passed the bar. Whew. Josh has a special oral argument before an appellate court at his alma mater. Aww. In the News Revisiting a topic […]

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Why Congress is Poised to Label YOU (Yes, You) a Felon

by Joshua Auriemma September 15, 2011 Legal
Thumbnail image for Why Congress is Poised to Label YOU (Yes, You) a Felon

I’m starting to become legitimately afraid for our country. Althouse called my attention to a recent Wall Street Journal article by Orin Kerr opining on the likely scenario that Congress will grant the request of the Obama administration in the name of “cybersecurity,” and make violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) felonies […]

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Episode 28: I Paid $12.4 Billion and All I Got Was This Lousy Patent Portfolio

by Joshua Auriemma August 25, 2011 Podcasts

http://legalgeekery.com/podcasts/Episode28.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 32:42 — 44.9MB) | EmbedAs always, if you like what you hear, PLEASE support us by taking one minute of your time and reviewing us on the iTunes store, or (especially) writing a little review on iTunes. It helps people find our podcast, and more importantly, […]

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