Transcript of Legal Geekery Interview with Matthew Butterick (@typogforlawyers)

by Joshua Auriemma January 16, 2011 Law School

Please note, this is not a word-for-word transcription. It’s simply the best I could do with my measly 120 wpm typing abilities. If you’d like to hear the entire interview, head on over to the podcast. —— Legal Geekery: Can you give us a little pitch for lawyers and law students and why they should […]

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What EVERY Lawyer and Law Student Needs to Know About the New Facebook “Not Now” Change

by Joshua Auriemma September 24, 2010 Geekery

It sounds harmless enough: in the past when someone requested to add you as a friend on Facebook, you would get a request allowing you to “Add” or “Ignore.”  Facebook recently announced that the “Ignore” button would change into a “Not Now” button.   No big deal, right?  Not necessarily. To understand why we as […]

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Jungly Forest Not Required

by Laura Bergus August 25, 2010 Legal Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:02:24 — 57.1MB) | Embed Episode 17: Josh Gets a Job! Net Neutrality, Facebook Places, Law School Haikus and More.

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Review of Banner & Witcoff Patent and Trademark iPhone App

by Joshua Auriemma August 13, 2010 Legal

Just a few short weeks ago, I was podcasting with Laura and complaining about the PTO’s awful search engine and database front-end. If you’ve ever had to navigate the PTO website, I already know that you’re in agreement.  It should be no surprise then that I’m a huge advocate of avoiding the PTO website like […]

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The Bramble Bush; a great book if you have no idea what to expect from law school

by Louis Grube August 6, 2010 Law School

It had recently come to my attention that I was not really prepared to start law school.  I was moving across the country to attend a school that had agreed with me about how great of a match we would be, and I was starting to sift my way through the pile of “going to […]

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A Comparison of Law School Graduation Honors Requirements

by Joshua Auriemma April 9, 2010 Law School

I made this table a few months ago for our SBA president to show to the faculty, and I thought it might be useful and interesting to LG readers.  It compares the Top 68 schools (a weird number, I know) and their honors graduation requirements.

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Apple v. Google v. Swine Flu

by Laura Bergus April 2, 2010 Legal Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:56 — 41.1MB) | Embed Episode 10: Apple’s Patent Infringement Claims and More After a several-week hiatus due to Josh’s super-lung-attack swine flu trauma, Josh and Laura are back to discuss legal news, law school, job hunting, and the inevitable personal tangents. Introduction – Josh is […]

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Don’t Rush to Apply to Law School

by Louis Grube March 9, 2010 Advice

The problem with applying late in the application season is that you will not be among the first applicants to be reviewed by the admissions committee. There will be a number more spots filled in the entering class by March than there would be if you sent your app in September. Unfortunately, many people take the LSAT in February. If you took the LSAT in February, I’m writing this for you.

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ABA Third Circuit Spring Meeting

by Joshua Auriemma February 17, 2010 Legal

For those of you in the 3d Circuit or who happen to be in the Pennsylvania area this weekend, you should come network and generally have a good time at the American Bar Association’s Third Circuit Spring Meeting. (Click on the image to enlarge) You can find the facebook group here.  Let us know if […]

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