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After careful consideration, Legal Geekery is now offering advertising slots.  There are many reasons for this: (1) I’d love to have money to provide incentive for my writers to update frequently; (2) Maintenance costs are increasing with traffic, and I would like to purchase a dedicated server for LG; and (3) I’m hoping to be able to afford a professional web redesign at some point in the near future.

Legal Geekery is an extremely popular web destination for law students, attorneys, and academics.  That being said, our CPM is very reasonable.

125×125 Ads

These are the most cost effective banners available.  These will not rotate and I will only allow four (4) 125×125 banners to run at any given time.

Price Breakdown

– eCPM: $1.5
– 1 month: $45
– 6 months:  $243 (10% discount)
– 12 months:  $495 (15% discount)

300×125 Ads

The biggest banner we offer in terms of square pixel real estate, and the most visible.  We may rotate these between 2 or 3 ads.  As with the
125×125 ads, these will be seen from every post.

Price Breakdown:

– 1 month: $100
– 6 months: $540
– 12 months: $1020

Text Ads

These are the cheapest ads on LG, and will likely only be useful to those performing SEO services. These ads are placed on the sidebar in the “Friends of LG” section to the right.

Price Breakdown:

– eCPM:  $0.83
– 1 month: $25
– 6 months: $135
– 12 months:  $255

Note that additional discounts may be available to people seeking more than one ad slot.

Additional types of advertising may be available.  Please inquire via our email address at legalgeekery@gmail.com.