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screenshot of wpd wizard

Easy and Lightweight Way to Open Wordperfect Files on OS X

Not too long ago one of our associates asked me to open a file for her because, you know, I’m the de facto IT guy.

The file was a Wordperfect file (.wpd) and, it turns out, dang near impossible to easily open on my Macbook Pro. I set out to download NeoOffice or some other shareware program that I literally couldn’t even figure out how to begin downloading from the terrible website. The NeoOffice download was so large and took so long on my office network that I gave up and sent the file to my girlfriend so that she could convert it from her Wordperfect installation.

NeoOffice probably could open Wordperfect files — I don’t know, I never finished downloading it — but let’s face it: it’s big and bloated. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a tiny (~2mb) little program that did nothing other than let you open, save, and manipulate Wordperfect files in OS X?

As luck would have it, Jason Geater over at Solvusoft Corporation sent me an email with an evaluation copy of his company’s WPD Wizard app for OS X.

I’m not going to give a detailed review as I usually do because WPD Wizard really only has one function, which it performs well. You can open a .wpd file, search, print, and save it to either PDF or RTF. What else could you want?

The down side is that it’s a little expensive in my opinion: $20 for a uni-tasker seems like a lot. I suppose though that if you’re running a Mac-based firm, the ability to open Wordperfect files for $20 could be a decent value proposition. Still, it’s a solid little program and if you can catch it on sale, you should definitely grab it.

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  • Jimmy January 14, 2014, 12:04 am

    I usually open and view WordPerfect files with Enolsoft WPD Reader. It’s simple and utility. I downloaded it from Mac App Store and it just cost me $4.99. Worth every penny.