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Podcast Art – Imaginary Josh and Laura

Episode 31: Best iOS Law Apps, New Year’s Resolutions, Police Takedown Requests on YouTube


  • New Year’s Resolutions: SPOILERS! Ouij will get published, Josh will have more faith in people, and no more judges preemptively tell Laura she’s going to lose.
  • Law geek iTems: When your firm dislikes you helping yourself to their SMTP server from outside the office, you’d best be prepared to board the iOS ship. Josh shares his top five iOS apps for law practice.
  • Josh grudgingly agrees that elderly legal secretaries would trounce him soundly in a race to format chicken scratch into legitimate pleadings.
  • Work-mandated or otherwise “officially” encouraged social media use, and how bad it can be for your soul.

In the News

  • Who owns your Twitter followers when you’re — mostly, kinda — tweeting for your employer? And check out this poorly-vetted plaintiff PhoneDog’s response to press about the lawsuit. We disagree that Twitter followers = customer list.
  • According to Google transparency data, police agencies may begin using take down requests to hide depictions of police brutality. Incidentally, Google doesn’t break down requests for identification granularly, so we don’t know if police agencies are requesting the identification of the people who film them.
  • ABA has a felicitous and thorough article on the law school crisis. Should the government cap funds available to law students?
    • Josh points: Note how the article doesn’t even begin to suggest that the ABA could have begun to control the problem years ago by simply exercising more control over law school accreditation to ensure some reasonable parity between graduates and available careers.  (by Simpsons’ “Ha Ha” Kid)

You’re Doing It Wrong

Love for Our Geeks

  • Ouij tells us what he likes about LG and how/why other listeners should give feedback.

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