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Legal Geekery Roundup for 12.2.2011

  • The Copyright Office recently sought submissions for new exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The EFF yesterday filed a comment with the Office seeking an extension of last year’s exceptions for phones and remix videos, and urged that the Office expand its protection to the jailbreaking of smartphones, electronic tablets, and game consoles. Hypothetically, if I had a modded xbox 360 sitting at home, it would be nice to know that it wasn’t violative of the DMCA.
  • According to a CBS report, 20% of wireless 911 calls are made inadvertently. I’d also like to take a moment to recognize the stupidity of making the 9 digit synonymous with reaching an outside line. The first two digits I press on my phone are 9 and 1. One double tap, and the police show up at my lab. Again, hypothetically.
  • Carrier IQ is alleged to have silently recorded data from potentially millions of smart phone users. The first class action suit alleging violation of the Federal Wiretap Act was filed against Carrier IQ yesterday in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.
  • You know those privacy screens some people in your office use? They’re pretty lame and mostly ineffective. Why not perform this relatively straight-forward hack and make the screen invisible without polarized glasses? I’m definitely doing this.


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