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You Don’t Need an Implied License if it’s Explicit

Episode 14: studying for the bar exam, RSS and copyright, Lessig’s attempt to amend the Constitution, life as a married law student, & more.

When Larry Lessig tries to amend the US Constitution, Josh and Laura realize they should have paid attention in civics class. Also, Josh is deep into bar prep, Laura is working a few jobs, and they give marriage advice to one of LG’s top fans.


  • Laura is working a lot this summer. It’s fun.
  • Josh is studying for the bar this summer. It’s not fun.
  • There’s a little bit of banter about the new iPhone, but Laura mostly keeps her mouth shut.

In The News

You’re Doing it Wrong

Love For Our Geeks

  • @skuhagen asks about life as married law student… Because he got married! Congrats, f/k/a @sakuha!

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