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Future You Will Be Smarter than Present You


– Wherein Laura wants to know if a smartphone will improve her life. Yes, says Josh, at least until the apocalypse.
– There’s some disagreement as to the origin of the Island of Misfit Toys in the ad at issue in this silly lawsuit against Verizon. Unfortunately, Josh wins this one.
– Be warned this episode is dedicated to Our Geeks!

In The News

– Why volunteering to help prepare other people’s taxes just got a bit more interesting: “Making Work Pay” credit recipients might have to give the government some money back.
ReedSmith asks non-equity partners to give money back. But they are keeping their jobs…?
– “I’m not allowed to say no Mexicans, but . . . No Mexicans.” No housing discrimination means no housing discrimination, idiots.

People Smarter Than Us

– “Wait, this is just us talking? How can that count??” Where we talk about fair use and hope that our future selves will be smarter than our present selves, but admit they probably won’t be.

You’re Doing It Wrong

In Heaven There is No Beer = Iowa Fight Song? No, no, no – Iowa just sings that when the football team wins, which is pretty often these days (Laura says modestly). A discussion of the horrifying visage that passes for the Nittany Lions mascot follows.

– The folks behind PACER clearly listen to this podcast. No, really. The survey on the PACER website has nothing to do with the petition by over a thousand actual users to improve PACER.

Love For Our Geeks

– Brace yourself for about an hour of answering your questions:

  • What’s good to do the summer of your first year? What did you guys do? @ckwright [Telecommuting and researching.]
  • How did you feel two weeks before finals when you were a 1L? Just took a civ pro practice and I feel like crap! Any suggestions? @demdee [You are crazy if you don’t feel like crap. Are you sure you feel crappy enough?]
  • Drama, drama and more drama. Does it get better? @Redheadedgirl [Become a hermit. Problemo solved.]
  • I’m wondering if I should even go to law school. I’m 30 with a BA IN COMM/PR… @Golden_Lady [Consider legal marketing, and that three years out of work and all that debt may not help.]
  • How can I spin an IT internship at a law firm into becoming a summer associate? @WorstLawStudent [The closest Josh and Laura have come to fisticuffs features prominently in our answer here.]
  • Do you think we will see more or less law school applicants over the next 5 or so years, considering the current economy? @RDRashkin [In five years only the people not dependent on their smartphones will have survived the collapse of civilization. Good luck.]

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