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– Yay, swine flu!! And how your law school is helping you prepare for the epidemic by making you bathe in hand sanitizer.
– I don’t know what to call this, but it’s awesome: http://adactio.com/journal/1623 (a.k.a Perfect Pitch and the tale of possibly fraudulent DMCA takedown requests).

In The News

Above the Law gets sued. But, we won’t get to watch the fireworks, because this case has already been dropped.
Barnes & Noble sued over Nook design; Josh ridicules Laura for suggesting that a keyboard on an e-reader would be useful.
– The kerfuffle (isn’t that supposed to be “kerfluffle”? Laura asks) over open access to the law vs. Wexis:

People Smarter Than Us

– We know too many smart people, we couldn’t pick one this week. However, all of them (and probably you, dear reader) fit into one of the categories on this diagram.

You’re Doing It Wrong

– LexisNexis iPhone app review. Laura thought you could access cases on Lexis for free via iPhone. Josh points his finger at her and laughs.

Love For Our Geeks

Some nice folks asked some reasonable questions. We make fun of them:
– @sakuha: “question from 1L: assume that value of doing outline for closed-book exam is actually DOING the outline. Correct?”
– Teri the 1L: Any tips for keeping all of the elements of rule 12 FRCP straight? I’m lucky enough to have an open book exam, but I’ve heard I might not have time to actually look at my book. Love the show :)
– Various Twitter friends: Should I get Windows 7 yet? (Otherwise known as “Examsoft quietly adds Windows 7 support; don’t tell your IT staff!”)

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