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It’s Not Defamation Unless It’s False


– Outlining course material? Or not. Laura prefers baking.
– The continuing saga of the Shepard Fairey case.
Celebrate Pro Bono Week, Oct. 25-31
– Josh auditions for trial ad. Sadly, neither singing nor dancing is required.

In The News

Cmp.ly. Remember the confusion/consternation about the FTC guidelines on blogger disclosure (listen to Brett Trout in this podcast if you missed it!)? Here’s a cool standardized way of letting the world know if someone paid you to say what you said, more or less. We hope it catches on.
– So putting 20 million pages of government content online for free is a crime? It at least gets the FBI’s attention.
– The FCC is getting serious about Net Neutrality… meanwhile AT&T tells some employees why they and their families should talk out against it.
– Why does the US suck in terms of broadband speeds? We dunno, but we can show this cool chart showing US compared to some of the rest of the world. [shakes fist at Poland]

People Smarter Than Us

– Interview with Brett Trout on the FTC guidelines on blogger disclosure. Brett is an awesome IP attorney (from Iowa, Laura points out 50 times…) who’ll be presenting at the 140 Character Conference in LA on Oct. 27.

You’re Doing It Wrong

– Josh holds it over our heads that he has had a Google Wave account for *ages*. He also opines on why attorneys won’t adopt it until it’s too late to ride the wave.
Judge Booted for Facebook Use? Could be, and a lesson for all us future judges.
– A New York law firm decides its intra-office gossip should really go prime time. We say, “Time to be nice to your support staff!”

Love For Our Geeks

This time around we refused to provide legal advice on the following questions from our devoted listeners:
– How can non-americans gain legal accreditation in the US? – @JoeC
– With the recent and significant layoffs occurring at firms, should I reconsider another field instead of law school? – @mrbiotech
– When attending law school, specifically for patent law, is it preferable to attend a specialty school or a high ranked one? @mrbiotech
– Why did I go to law school? – @BobBlahBlawg [say that 10 times fast… or at least listen to us butcher “BobBlahBlawg” several times]

We also spent some time mocking answering questions from one anonymous follower with a penchant for the ladies. Yow!

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  • mrbiotech October 26, 2009, 1:18 pm

    Great podcast!

    Very informative interview and the answers to questions were greatly appreciated (apologies for the misspelled word).