Copyright Propaganda, Facebook Spying, and Lawbrarians

by Joshua Auriemma on September 23, 2009


Introductory Stuff

  • Laura’s not on a journal and isn’t doing OCI, and that’s why she’s still sane
  • Federal clerkship interviews are crazy pants

In The News

People Smarter Than Us

  • We feature law librarians this week as people generally smarter than us.  We share some stories about how this awesome class of people has helped us in our everyday law lives, and why you should befriend your local “lawbrarians.”

You’re Doing It Wrong

Love For Our Geeks

Here are the questions we discuss this week:

  1. Are study groups a good idea?
  2. How long does it take to read more than 10 pages in an hour
  3. Am I the only 1L alive who isn’t doing extracirriculars?

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