Advice For Up-and-Coming Law Students: Get Some Computer Skills

by Laura Bergus on June 23, 2009

It’s tough out there. Law school enrollments are rising [pdf] and yet fewer graduates are getting law jobs.

So here’s a suggestion for beating the competition among your law student peers: become a geek. A computer geek, that is. From the least-geeky (being a MS Word appellate-brief-formatting master) to the über-geek (programming custom visualizations for non-regression data analysis), picking up or polishing your computer-based skills cannot hurt in arraythis industry.

Lawyers and law schools are notoriously behind in adopting and using new technologies.  Here are some concrete suggestions for technical skills that may give you an edge:

Once you have the skills, be sure to leverage them: offer to assist a professor or student organization in building a website or compiling and analyzing useful data. Tell your online friends and followers about your special skills and interests. Chances are someone will notice and reward you for your efforts (this is how I got my summer job).

Let me know what else you think you need to know and what’s helped you get an edge in law school.